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Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

Rick Cromi
Occasional Advisor

Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

I’m having trouble with either SIM 5.2, VCRM, PSP 8.00A, or all of them.

2 DL360, a DL360 G3, a DL360 G4 and a DL 380 G2 servers all running Windows 2003 R2 SP2. SNMP is configured the same for each with one Read-Only community name and one Read-Write community name.

The DL380 G2 server has SQL 2005 installed, has the HP Array Configuration Utility, SMH and SIM 5.x software installed and is hosting VCRM and the Repository. Only other software installed is backup software as this unit has an AIT-2 tape drive in the bays.

Sim 5.1 was installed previously, with PSP version at 7.91A. I didn’t experience any problems using SMH or VCA on any of the servers.

Upgraded SIM to 5.2, VCRM and PSP 8.00A on the DL380 G2. Subsequent upgrades of DL servers to PSP 8.00A have resulted in the following problems:
1. Sporadic failures to open SMH web site at or https://:2381 on all servers. Manual restart of SMH service required. This happens far too often on all the servers to be an aberration. SMH version;

2. VCA fails to load when opening SMH on any of the servers;

3. Downgraded to VCA VCA starts on managed servers, but cannot report Repository information. Try to use Change Agent Settings, but only get error about connecting to Repository. Have to manually restart services on the Repository server to re-establish communications on the managed servers;

4. Network Configuration Utility for Windows 2003 causes loss of network connection on teamed NICs. Cannot manage teams, nor re-establish communication. Only solution was to downgrade to version manually.

5. SIM 5.2 cannot push update to managed server, even though managed server can pull updates using downgraded VCA - in times when SMH web page will actually open and Repository can be contacted after manual restart of services.

Additionally, I have encountered one other problem. I have installed WMIMapper 2.4 on several servers. Whenever I log onto these servers as the administrator, I encounter a series of 10 crash report boxes pertaining to the wmiprvse.exe application (5.2.3790.3959) with faulting module msvcr80.dll (8.0.50727.1433).

If anyone else has encountered and corrected these problems, I would appreciate hearing your solution(s). Otherwise, I think a total downgrade to the previously working versions will be in order.

Steven Baillie
Trusted Contributor

Re: Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

there are issues with PSP 8.00

see http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1214736

this should help with some of your issues.

Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

There are also problems with Sims 5.2 when doing an upgrade.
John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

Had an incident similar to point 4. It isn't only teams that were affected. We had vLAN tagging enabled, and could not manage teams or assign vLANs to NICs. The NCU complained of expired INP license, two weeks after we upgraded the PSP.

Again, the fix was to downgrade the NCU. Not the NIC driver, just the NCU.

Platform was BL45pG2, Windows Enterprise x64. Incident logged with HP.
Andy Cippico
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

Good to see I'm not alone.
I'm experiencing problems 1,2 and 3 plus the WMIPRVSE.EXE error. It's been even since I upgraded to SIM 5.2. I've applied all known patches but no joy. All I can do so far is to do what you've been doing: restarting services to bring SHM and VC back to life. I really hope there's a fix for all this nonsense soon.
Janine Dimond
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

I have encountered issues 1, 2 & 4 but have not upgraded to SIM 5.2. I have upgraded some of my servers and the HPSIM server to PSP 8.00A.

I also encountered the problem with the WMIMapper on one of my servers, the resolution to this was to uninstall the HP WMI Providers option and reboot the server.

I think the issues are mainly with PSP 8.00A and don't want to install SIM 5.2 until these have been resolved, does anyone know if HP have got a fix for this yet as I don't want to revert to 7.91 on 32 servers.
Rick Cromi
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problems with SIM, SMH, VCRM and PSP 8.00A

Thought I'd post a follow up with where I am right now...

I have loaded SIM 5.2 on a server that manages all of them.
I have loaded PSP 7.91A, then loaded individual updates from 8.00A with the exception of these:

I did not load the WMIMapper program, either.

This environment is working, right now.