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Pushing Open SSH

Frequent Advisor

Pushing Open SSH

Major frustration:
I'm using HP SIM to push Open SSH to ProLiant servers. Often, this procedure simply hangs at 0%. The standard output says:
Waiting for the required components to be located and copied....
Installing Open SSH for Windows systems.
...then stops there forever.

So I tried to find the software component and manually copy, extract and install on the remote server. I can't find the component. Was is its name within the repository?

I can't download it from HP's site. Where is it? Searching yields no meaningfull results. The closest I came was a Win2003 64bit version.

The Learn More link within HP SIM next to the option to Install Open SSH says I'll be able to download it from the HP Software Depot at Searching for "Open SSH" at that site yields zero results that contain the words "Open SSH". Nice search engine.

I'd love to be able to push this using HP SIM, and determine why it's stalling. How can I do that? I'd love to be able to install it manually to save time. Where is it?

Any help appreciated.

Jason Woerner
Frequent Advisor

Re: Pushing Open SSH

Asked and answered by me.

The solution was to run the HP Smart Update Manager (present within the Version Control Repository) from the remote server. I could then browse and choose amongst all the components, including Open SSH, and run the installation.

The question of the all too common failure of my attempts to push Open SSH remains.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Pushing Open SSH

The executable that HP SIM pushes can be found in the directory tree where HP SIM is installed:

%ProgramFiles%\HP\Systems Insight Manager\openssh