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QLogic now showing WWN on ESX 3.5

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

QLogic now showing WWN on ESX 3.5

Hi All,
On our ESX 3.5 Update 2 servers the WWN numbers are just showing FFF's and the Status is showing "Unknown enumeration value 0"
Other details of the HBAs are shown (firmware etc).
I'm using the latest QLogic snia libraries downloaded from the QLogic site and HP 8.10 agents.
Any idea if this is a bug in the HP Agents or the snia libraries?
Ervinck Kevin
Valued Contributor

Re: QLogic now showing WWN on ESX 3.5


We're planning to do the same install in a couple of weeks (also using ESX 3.5 Upd 2). My feeling says the problem will lie with the HP Agents..

Let us know if you have found out (if HP releases v8.20).