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Question about email events HP SIM

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Question about email events HP SIM

Hi, I am hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction. We have inherited  HP SIM 7.02, we have a number of servers configured and are receiving alerts. I believe it configured via SNMP

The question is that if we received an email alert say foundation agent it is sending to an email distribution group and an ex employee email which no longer exist.

I am trying to find out how we can change the address. I looked at auto event handling but could not see anything there.

I then logged into one of server that reported the foundation alert and found a program called event notifier, on this particular server logged in and ran the application then ran through the wizard it did show the email address but I am.not sure if this right as this seems to say that we have to configure this on a per server basis. Wondering if there is any setting in HP SIM that would apply to all servers.

Thanks in advance


Re: Question about email events HP SIM

Hi Khalil,

The event notifier and SIM email trigger are two different things.

As it is confirmed that SIM is receiving all alerts through SNMP, those can be forwarded from SIM to the desired email address. Whenever an alert is received in SIM, it can be forwarded via Automatic Event Handling. 

In AEH, you can create a new task to trigger the email to desired email address.

By setting the AEH in SIM, it won't make any changes to event notifier.

You can also refer to HPE SIM User Guide for more insights. Hope this helps.

The SIM version 7.0 which is being used is End of Support Life a long back ago. We recommend to upgrade to the latest version of SIM 7.6 with latest hotfixes.



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