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Question about iLO and OA certificate

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Question about iLO and OA certificate

Hi everyone,


I've a question about the certificate, which you can add in iLO under HP SIM SSO and in OA under HP SIM certificate:

Is this only used for Single Sign On from the HP SIM Server to the specific iLO / OA or is it also used for correct monitoring / alerting of hardware status?


I'm wondering if we don't need to distribute a new HP SIM certificate on all 1000+ devices, if it is only for SSO, since there's no one in our company which will need SSO from HP SIM Server to an iLO / OA...


That would save a lot of work!


Thanks and regards,


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Re: Question about iLO and OA certificate

Yes, the SIM cert import is essentially for SSO. i have never bothered distributing this cert as instead, the scripts I use to deploy my servers add a generic admin account to all iLOs in my enterprise so I can use this one accoutn manage them. We also don't bother with AD integration and just use this local account.

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Re: Question about iLO and OA certificate

Thank you for the reply!