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RDP Problem upgrading HP Sim 5.1 -> 5.2

Bob De Medts
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RDP Problem upgrading HP Sim 5.1 -> 5.2

We have a server with HP Sim 5.1 installed. Also VMWare Infrastructure Client and Altiris Deployment Solution (Rapid Deployement Pack) is installed on this server.
Now we want to install HP Insight Control Environment 2.21 (so with HP Sim 5.2)on this server.

When I run the Insight Control Environment Advisor before installing I get an issue with RDP Service Credentials; One or more RDP services are not present (Altiris Deployment Server Console Manager).

Now when I start the setup, after I selected what I wanted to install, I get to a screen named "Use existing HP Rapid Deployment Pack". He says it's no version 3.70.27 and it IS compatible with Insight Control Management.

But I have to enter the service credentials. The username and domain are filled in and connot be changed, but the seem correct ot me (Administrator and correct domain name). But when I enter the correct password I get; The Deployment Server Web Console cannot be accessed on the local host with the specified credentials. Provide credentials that have access to the Deployment Server Web Console.

What can I do here???
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Re: RDP Problem upgrading HP Sim 5.1 -> 5.2

Hi Bob,

1. Check whether you are able to launch the web console of RDP.
2. Try to login with the user and password which you are trying to specifed during the installation.
3. If it fails to login, back to the drawing board.

And during ICM installtion in RDP window the fields are disabled expect password field.

Check whether above stuff works, otherwise back to drawing board.....
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