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RX3600/HPUX integrate into SIM?

Brian Hahne
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RX3600/HPUX integrate into SIM?

Sorry for the likely easy question... but not being a Unix admin... we'd like to integrate our new (only) rx3600 (HPUX) system into our SIM 5.3 installation.
What do I need to get that done?
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Re: RX3600/HPUX integrate into SIM?


have a look at this link , has a link for the download for smh as well as the install docs, thats if it is'nt already on your system and just needs starting. once stated discover and treat in general as you would your windows systems, there are of course a number of detail differences/features.


Michael Leu
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Re: RX3600/HPUX integrate into SIM?

I'm no expert in this, but maybe this helps:

If you are running the newest version of HP-UX all software should already be installed. (You can check this with "swlist OE", if it shows B.11.31.0903 you should be fine.)

HP-UX does not use SNMP but WBEM, so check that WBEM Protocol is enabled in SIM and configure the root user and password in the SIM credentials.

Then you can discover the system and hopefully SIM can set up a WBEM subscription.