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Rebooting Server Alerts

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Rebooting Server Alerts

I am running HP SIM 6.1b.

Is there a way to extend the timeout for a downed server so that normal reboots won't get alerted on? Example: when someone reboots a server for whatever reason, I instantly get an e-mail alerting me that the system is unreachable.

Is there a way to make the event wait for 5 minutes or so to see if the server comes back up?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Rebooting Server Alerts

Not really.
This is detected by the HW Polling Task which runs, by default, every 5 minutes.

Often servers are rebooted and not picked up because they are down / up between the polling task.

You can suspend monitoring of individual servers. Or you could suspend the HW Polling task if you were doing a lot of maintenance work.