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Redhat Enterprise Oracle 6.2 OS identification failure

Occasional Advisor

Redhat Enterprise Oracle 6.2 OS identification failure

Hi guys, I have several G7's that won't identify on our HP SIM 7.0 system. The systems discover but do not resolve to their correct DNS names, they just resolve to their serial numbers. I try to install the linux snmp agents and this is what I get.


Trying to determine the Operating system information...
Trying to create an SSH connection using its network name: CZ2050KSSSmssw.connec
Could not execute OS identification script via SSH.
Installation of Linux PSP or ESX Agents ............................. [FAILED]


Is there I port I need to open in the iptables to get this to work?


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


EDIT: Also, the machines show up as 'Monitoring of this system is suspended indefinitely' and when I try to resume monitoring it says 'The snooze time was not updated, the system is either undeployed or cannot be directly polled such as an enclosure.'


So... I'm not sure what to do next!



EDIT EDIT: I think I figured another part of it out. The listed systems do not display their IP addresses either so I think the problem is that the discovery task hasn't detected the system and the object I have has been created by the ILO. The next question is why isn't HP SIM discovering the servers? They all ping OK. They are all running Oracle Linux 6.2 (based on Redhat enterprise but oracle have tinkered with it)