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Regarding VCA/VCRM and WBEM

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Regarding VCA/VCRM and WBEM

Hello -


It seems I keep running into issues in regards to using WBEM vs SNMP. If I monitor my servers using WBEM, I lose the ability to track software from my VCRM. For example, it will poll all the necssary software, but the comparision page is blank even when I assign a baseline.


If I use SNMP, the software syncs again and I'm able to see both the baseline and server software....


Is there something with using the WBEM protocol that it cannot see the baseline on the VCRM?
The tust relationship is already set between the servers and SIM and certs installed.

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Re: Regarding VCA/VCRM and WBEM

Hello there,


That seems like an old abandoned function that does not work well with WBEM. I would recommend to use the baselines in SIM 7.x under Deploy > Software/Firmware Baselines > Manage Software/Firmware Baselines.


For this function you no longer need the VCA and deployment should be done with HP SUM or from SIM as a deploy instead of the VCA pull.

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