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Regenerate existing conditions (SNMP event)

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Regenerate existing conditions (SNMP event)

Is there a way to regenerate an snmp event for an existing condition?



Server gets discovered (HP hardware) and it has a failed HD.  The event that a disk has failed has already occured so SIM generally will not get a new trap on this unless the disk status changes (this seems to vary per model, i get daily events on RAID batteries on some servers, and only once on others).  Anyhow - let's say I want that same event to regenerate so it gets picked up by our ticketing system - can i do that?  I know I can send a test alert as a specific severity, but I would actually like to see the real event come through.





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Re: Regenerate existing conditions (SNMP event)

Restart of the management agents on the system with a failure helps in some cases.

Take care in case you have Insight Remote Support depending on the device type ad IRS version some time filter will also apply.


Re: Regenerate existing conditions (SNMP event)

I was playing around with this trying to fix another issue...not sure your O/S but snmptrap can trap on any OID you like, for example:



snmptrap -v 1 -c trapcommunity target NET-SNMP-EXAMPLES-MIB::netSnmpExampleNotification "" 6 17 "" netSnmpExampleInteger i 123456

Where on my box NET-SNMP-EXAMPLES-MIB.txt is obviously a real MIB - substitute for your HP trap and try it out...



found this info here:

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Re: Regenerate existing conditions (SNMP event)

Thanks to both suggestions - the agent restart did work for the case I tested (I am fairly sure I have done this before.. i still think it varies as to whether a new trap is sent based on PSP/agent versions..)

Anyhow, i haven't tried the snmptrap method but I actually want a real event that has already occurred prior to discovery, so as if to tell the agents "pretend it is the first time the event has occurred" and send a new trap so I can see it in SIM (and thus IRSA and a ticket within our internal system). So yes, IRSA is part of it.. prior to discovery HP would never have gotten the event...