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Registering HPCVEVA.MIB traps in SIM5


Registering HPCVEVA.MIB traps in SIM5

Dear all,

I've recently found, when compiling and registering an EVA MIB in SIM 5, that not all the traps get "registered". For example, I've checked the compiled CFG file and it contains a total of 849 'mngmtAgentTrap' traps - however, when I view the MIB in SIM or via the console 'mxmib' command it shows only 36 'mngmtAgentTrap' traps. The traps don't have the #ENABLE flag set - so I assume they are all enabled...

Has anyone come across this one before and knows how it's possible to 'register' all traps from a MIB.