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Relay Agent for HP SIM 6.2

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Relay Agent for HP SIM 6.2


I am using HP SIM 6.2 for Monitoring Server now I need to monitor all my server which are not connected directly from my office network, but I have on commune Computer that have 2 LAN

e.g. Office-1 Server connected with HP SIM Office -2 having different Network but I have one Computer with having 2 LAN of Office1 and 2

How do I monitor my servers using HP SIM.

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Re: Relay Agent for HP SIM 6.2

You could have all those systems on LAN 2 send all their SNMP traps to a single computer and run some free SNMP software on that single machine to forward the SNMP traps to SIM.


Any reason you can't allow SIM to see LAN 2.

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Re: Relay Agent for HP SIM 6.2

HP SIM can manage/monitor any device irrespective of the network the device falls in as the communcation betweeen HP SIM server & managed device is by SNMP

Just make sure that the device you are going to manage should allow certain ports on firewall.