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Remote Support Software plugin fails to install

Nat Taylor
Occasional Contributor

Remote Support Software plugin fails to install

I have setup HP SIM on a new server.
I am running the installation via a console rdp session (mstsc -v:servername /F -console).
HP SIM & the SMH install fine, however the installation of the Remote Support Pack plug-in fails. Remote Support Mgr seems to install ok. I have completed the configuration etc, but the integration with SIM is not complete. I cannot see anything to do with Remote Support within SIM.

I have followed the troublshooting tips in troubleshotting guide, but cannot resolve this. Any advice would be greatly received as I have tried my best to sort this. Log file attached.
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor
Nat Taylor
Occasional Contributor

Re: Remote Support Software plugin fails to install

Hi James
Thanks for that
I have already run through those documents.
The Remote Support Mgr has installed, and I am able to configure it and register with HP.
It think it is the plug-in for HP SIM which fails to install, and therefore there is no integration between Remote Support Mgr and HP SIM.
I don't know what to try now as I have installed and uninstalled a few times according to the documentation.