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Removing Remote Support Manager Query

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Removing Remote Support Manager Query

I had to remove and reinstall HPSIM 5.1 in an attempt to fix issues with PMP.
I didn't remove the Remote Support Manager and its associated products.

Now HPSIM does not have options for the Remote Support Configuration and Services.
I think these two products are linked.

Is there a way of re-establishing Remote Support Configuration and Services in HPSIM?

Or what is the impact of removing Remote Support Manager, the reason I ask this is that it has downloaded and I've updated an HPSIM Patch and it seems to state it will remove that.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing Remote Support Manager Query

Went ahead and removed Remote Support manager and then reinstalled.
Seemed to work except that I still didn't have the Remote Support Services and Configuration in HPSIM.

Tracked down the iseeclient.msi and used that to remove and then reinstall the client.

That then created the Remote Support and Services options in HPSIM and they're now all configured and looking as they were before I removed HPSIM.