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Removing older versions of System Management Homepage

Lou Brock
Occasional Contributor

Removing older versions of System Management Homepage

We are trying to standardize on version 2.1.8 of the System Management Homepage. We have various versions of SMH running on about 90 servers. It appears as if multiple versions may be running on some servers. I've tried deleting SMH through Add\Remove programs, but it appears as if only more current versions of SMH can be removed in that fashion. How do you remove earlier versions of SMH. (I suspect those are the versions that did not use Install Shield.) Also, how can you tell what version of SMH is running? I am curently using an Insight Manager report to get that information and it doesn't look like IM recognizes earlier versions of SMH as being installed.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing older versions of System Management Homepage

You wouldn't typically install just the SMH. The best practise is to install the entire PSP. This contains the Foundation Agents that feed into HPSIM and underpinning those are the various management drivers.

Splitting off various bits will produce inconsistent results.

I don't know how you could have different versions of the SMH on a single server.

The HPSIM report will pick up the version as per when the report tables were last updated (every two weeks by default)or when you browse to the page it's listed at the bottom.

Rich Purvis
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing older versions of System Management Homepage

If you think you have SMH installed but it is not showing up in your list of installed software then you are probably running a version of SMH prior to SMH 2.0. Prior to SMH 2.0 each individual web application carried its own version of SMH and the newest version amongst all the web apps would take over ports 2301/2381 and proxy the other applications. It was not separately installable thus it would not show up in your list of installed software. Starting with SMH 2.0 it was a separate package and the web applications stopped carrying their own versions. I would consider Rob's advice and look at upgrading the web agents and the SMH at the same time - even the PSP if you can do it.

If you do have some old SMH/Device Homepage web applications running if you install SMH 2.x on the system it will force itself onto port 2301/2381 and act as proxy for the old web applications. So it should work - but I would look to see if you can upgrade the web application/agents at the same time - unfortunately they will probably have some dependencies that require you to update other components also. Anyway - hope that this makes sense. Good luck,

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