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Replicate "Trust by name" for VCR? / OpenSSH Service

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Replicate "Trust by name" for VCR? / OpenSSH Service

I'd like to replicate the setting "Trust by Name" to all managed servers. It appears in SIM5 SP5 you can only auto configure agents to "Trust by cert".

I already have agents deployed so I'd rather not have to redeploy the PSP just for this (plus the managed servers are all on 1.5Mbps or less links).

If I need to go into each server, thats fine...but I'd rather not :-)

Second question: OpenSSH is configured to run as a particular domain account (all 2003 boxes). I need to change this and while I understand the SIM lets you configure the SSH login setting, that does not appear to reconfigure the service to start as a newly configured user. Any guidance on this? When I try to configure the Windows service manually, I get these errors when attempting to start it (cropped unneeded information):

Event Type: Error
Event Source: OpenSSHd
The following information is part of the event: OpenSSHd : PID 1716 : starting service `' failed: redirect_fd: open (1, /var/log/OpenSSHd.log): 13, Permission denied.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: OpenSSHd
The following information is part of the event: OpenSSHd : PID 5752 : starting service `OpenSSHd' failed: execv: 1, Operation not permitted.

Then the service stops.
Rich Purvis
Honored Contributor

Re: Replicate "Trust by name" for VCR? / OpenSSH Service

Lets see, you want Trust By Name - I am assuming that you are referring to the Configure or Repair Agents feature in HPSIM as it only does a Trust By Cert configuration. By the way, the only recommended trust setting is Trust By Cert. If the Config/Repair Agents feature works for you, but you just don't want Trust By Cert - then you can use it to get an active trust working with certs and then use Replicate Agent Settings to set them all to Trust By Name. That requires that you setup one server the way you want it then you use the "replicate" feature to basically "clone" all the settings to the other systems. But those systems have to have a valid trust to use this feature.

If you do not want to do that and you do not want to redeploy a preconfigured SMH component with the proper security trust in it. Then you can try propagating a properly formatted smhpd.xml file to your servers. This file contains the SMH settings including the trust mode. I would suggest you setup one of the servers with the proper settings - you can do that through the SMH security pages. Then copy that xml file to the otehr servers that you want to have those settings. I would be careful to make sure that those are the settings for all the servers that you copy it to.

As always I would suggest you try this out on one or two servers to make sure there are no issues before you start changing the configuration for a large number of servers. If you write a script I would have the script rename the old xml file to have it available for recovery if necessary before you copy over the new one. You will probably have to also have the SMH service restart once the new XML file is in place. The file can be found in c:\hp\hpsmh\conf

Sorry - I do not know that much about SSH so I cannot answer those questions.

Good luck,

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Re: Replicate "Trust by name" for VCR? / OpenSSH Service

Thanks for the help. I did end up just using Trust By Cert and logging into each server one-by-one to install the cert from the SIM. This should be easier once we can get a hold of our own CA!

The SSH problem is now my last issue I need to work out to retire an account. Very frustrating that I cannot just change the account that runs the service!