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Re: Report problems with SIMS 6.2

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Report problems with SIMS 6.2

Anytime I run a warranty report for all servers, or an inventory report for all servers, it only reutrns 12 out of my almost 200 servers. It is also the same 12 servers each time I try. Any suggestions? My old version of SIM worked like a charm!



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Re: Report problems with SIMS 6.2

try running options>contract and warranty data collection and make the target "all systems" see if that helps ya

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Re: Report problems with SIMS 6.2

To run a contract and warranty data collection task, complete the following steps:

1.In SIM, select the system by checking its box in the systems list.

2.Select Options --> Contract and Warranty Data Collection .

3.Verify the system (or select it if not done initially).

4.Select either Schedule , or Run Now .

After this task is run, a new Warranty-Contract Report contains the server.


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Re: Report problems with SIMS 6.2

Hi Rancher,

Make sure you have the "Customer Entered Serial Number" and "Customer Entered product ID" fields completed in the System details page for each of your servers.

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Re: Report problems with SIMS 6.2

Thank you, I have tried all 3 of your suggestions and they helped some, but didn't solve the problem. However, I found that if I restared SNMP, then I could run a report on a server and get results. Unfortunately, when I later ran a report on all servers, the original 12 servers were the only ones that showed up again! I then ran a report on the servers I had restarted SNMP on, and now they once again don't show any information. I am getting a little frustrated with this since we use the reporting feature quite a bit.