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Reset lost administrator password (HP Management Software)

Matt Prime
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Reset lost administrator password (HP Management Software)


I've been trying to access the HP Array Configurator app to look at the status of a SCSI drive that has a warning light. This app brings up the HP Management Software Web Interface from where i have to log in with the administrator account. Unfortuantely our 3rd party support company has changed the password and now they haven't documented it anywhere. Is there any way of manually resetting the administrator password?

Thanks in advance.

Rich Purvis
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Re: Reset lost administrator password (HP Management Software)

There are 2 different versions of the SMH platform. I am assumming that you are getting to the ACU by browsing to port 2301/2381 on your system. If that is not the case then you are using one of the other interfaces that ACU has available and none of the information here is applicable.

If you are browsing to the management port to get to ACU then on the login screen at the bottom you will see version information.

If you see something like "HTTP/HTTPS Web Server 5.9x" then you are using the older software.

On Linux this thread describes how to get the password reset on the older software:

On Windows this thread describes how to do a password reset:

If you when you check the version you see "HP System Management Homepage V2.x.x" then you are running the newer software. In this case the SMH is using OS based authentication. If this is the case any userid that is part of the Administrator group for the server will have access - just use those credentials to sign-in.

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Re: Reset lost administrator password (HP Management Software)

Recently found a workaround on how to reset / recover the password for the HP System Management Homepage for servers that are running HTTP Server v5.94.0

So far it works fine for our DL 380 G4 tested it on several servers and i was able to reset the admin password.

Just go to the directory:

Edit the following files :
- cpqhmmd.ini


- cpqhmmdx.ini

Then restart the services of HP from the Services mmc console of windows (particularly the HP Insight Foundation Agent service)

Then try to open the manage homepage again. You should be able to access the site. Your browser will use the ADMINISTRATOR access by default.

Just dont forget that as soon as you are logged in change the password and revert the changes that you have made to the mentioned files. And restart the services again to ensure that youll restore the security settings.

Hope this helps.
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