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Running SNMP through ILO, what info/functions is missed?

Jorgen Stenberg
Occasional Advisor

Running SNMP through ILO, what info/functions is missed?

In the document Integrated Lights-Out Security (http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00212796/c00212796.pdf?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN) it states on page 27 following "..For best protection of the servers operating inside the DMZ, administrators should set the SNMP trap destinations to the loop back address and enable the SNMP Pass-through in iLO so that SNMP traps are routed onto the iLO network instead of over the management network. While this SNMP pass-through option does not enable all management functions, it allows for passing status, inventory, and fault information to HP Systems Insight Manager or another SNMP-capable management application..."

Does anyone here know more exactly what functions and information you will miss if you ruuning SNMP through the ILO as described above.

Jorgen Stenberg
Corey Adam
Occasional Advisor

Re: Running SNMP through ILO, what info/functions is missed?

We are doing this on some of our systems. Our SMH, VCR, and WMI do not work on these systems. This is a good idea on DMZs where you are very concerned about security. Getting traps and status tend to be the most important things anyway.