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SIM 5.0 Errors while receiving Data Collection

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SIM 5.0 Errors while receiving Data Collection

Data Collection from some managed nodes failes with the error message

"Event description: The Data Collection task could not complete due to a timeout or the task was abruptly stopped. A timeout indicates problems with the instrumentation (SNMP/WBEM/DMI) on the target machine"

SNMP is configured correct. With a snmpwalk command issued from the sim-server all values from the agent of the managed node are displayed correctly

When inspecting the Networktraffic with ethereal only a couple of snmp-request are sent to the managed node, then the traffic stops, and the error message is generated.

Usually only a small amount of information is retrieved from the node (Serial, OS Info), but sometimes it is a bit more (NIC info), but never all data.

This occurs on manged nodes which are configured like this

HP DL 360 G4p / SLES9 x86_64 / Proliant Support Pack 7.60

Our SIM Server is a Windows 2003 Server Standard on a DL360 G4p. It is SIM 5.0 SP5. The latest MIB Update is installed.

On a test system (ML370 with SLES 8 and PSP 7.52) everything works like a charm.

On the same systems we have problems with traps beeing not recognized/received on the SIM server. Traps are sent from the node (checked with tcpdump) and received on the SIM-Server (checked with Ethereal). Some traps work (e.g. coldstart when restarting the snmp-daemon)