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SIM 5.0 SP5 & EVA 4000

Occasional Contributor

SIM 5.0 SP5 & EVA 4000

I wish to have EVA 4000 visible with rack/disks visible in SIM (Systems Insight Manager). Since there are no ip's assigned to SAN, nothing seems to detect in SIM. Any solution?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM 5.0 SP5 & EVA 4000

The EVA is detected via the server running CommandView EVA.
Your success will depend on the version of CV EVA, version 6 or 6.0.1.

There's been a number of posts on the forum, essentially HPSIM uses WBEM to talk to the SMI-S component installed as part of CV EVA.

You need WBEM enabled globally in HPSIM, you don't need credentials, but in the WBEM settings for the server with CV EVA you add the wbem settings for the CV EVA SMI-S service.

Also check out the wbemdisco command as it's a useful testing tool.