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SIM 5.1 SP1 and DL580 G5


SIM 5.1 SP1 and DL580 G5


I have successfully identifued a number of DL380 G5 and DL365 G1 servers in SIM 5.1. They all show the correct Product Name and OS Name. I have one DL580 G5 running RedHat 3.8 that will not Identify and change its Product Name from Linux Server to Proliant DL580 G5. Its iLO is identified separately as a DL580 G5, but the iLO and server lines willnot come together. For all other servers, solving this problem was a matter of fixing snmp and making sure hpasm was running. Any ideas? Here is the output of Identify:

Starting identification process...
Checking for known running web servers.
Checking for System Management Home Page and other HP web agents.
Received a response from the system management homepage, this system supports SMH.
Checking for WBEM support on system.
This system does not have any SMI-S CIMOM installed
This system doesn´t have a server CIMOM installed, or cannot connect to it using all credentials specified
Running WBEM rules based identification.
Cannot get ComputerSystem WBEM/WMI data from the system
Running WS-Man identification.
Checking for SNMP support on system.
The system responded to a SNMP request, it supports SNMP.
Running SNMP base Cluster identification using common cluster MIB.
This was not a system with the common cluster MIBs supported.
Running HP ProLiant management agent identification
System has the SNMP ProLiant server (foundation) agents installed, adding system type.
Running HP NetServer identification.
System supports the NetServer SNMP agent, adding system type
Running HP-UX SNMP identification.
System does not have the HPUX SNMP agents installed.
Running SNMP System Type Manager identification.
Found matching SNMP System Type Manager rule, added as possible system type
Checking for DMI protocol support.
The Windows CMS cannot communicate with HP-UX or other DMI, skipping.
Running DMI System Type Manager identification.
The system does not have Windows DMI support.
Running HP-UX DMI identification.
The system does not have HP-UX DMI support.
Running HP/Compaq Desktop identification.
The system does not have Windows DMI support.
Running HP DMI Desktop identification.
The system does not have HP DMI Desktop support.
Running Generic DMI identification.
The system does not have Generic DMI support.
Checking for SSH protocol support.
The system supports SSH protocol
Running Storage identification.
Did not detect WBEM support on this system. Will not attempt storage identification. If this is a storage host, check WBEM credentials and make sure the providers and CIMOM are operational on the host.
Storage identification completed.
Running HP Service Guard Identification.
The system is not part of HP Service Guard cluster
Running VM identification.
Checking for license data on system.
SMH trust status is true.
Running limited data collection for common attribute.
Done with limited data collection, checking retrieved data.
Building system relationships.
System identification done with this system.

Thank you.
Dennis Faucher
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM 5.1 SP1 and DL580 G5

Well i am more a windows specialiste,but when we get this kinds of error it usally a problem with the HP insight agent not working correctly.


Re: SIM 5.1 SP1 and DL580 G5


Thank you. Can you be more specific about "not working correctly"? Here is the output of "service hpasm status":

Using high performance hp-OpenIPMI device driver

hp-OpenIPMI Status:
Module Size Used by Tainted: P
ipmi_si_drv 31680 0
ipmi_devintf 5608 0
ipmi_msghandler 30592 0 [ipmi_si_drv ipmi_devintf]

hpasmxld is stopped... [ OK ]
Status of Foundation Agents (cmafdtn): cmathreshd cmahostd cmapeerd

cmathreshd is running... [ OK ]

cmahostd is running... [ OK ]

cmapeerd is running... [ OK ]
Status of Server Agents (cmasvr): cmastdeqd cmahealthd cmaperfd

cmastdeqd is running... [ OK ]

cmahealthd is running... [ OK ]

cmaperfd is running... [ OK ]
Status of Storage Agents (cmastor): cmaeventd cmaidad cmafcad cmaided cmascsid cmasasd

cmaeventd is running... [ OK ]

cmaidad is running... [ OK ]

cmafcad is running... [ OK ]

cmaided is running... [ OK ]

cmascsid is stopped... [ OK ]

cmasasd is stopped... [ OK ]

I see that a few modules are stopped. I just ran "service hpasm restart". hpasmxld, cmascsid and cmasasd just won't start. It is probably the hpasmxld. I will look into that.