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SIM 5.1 SQL DB shows suspect

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SIM 5.1 SQL DB shows suspect

I upgraded our SIM to 5.1 sp1 just recently. I didnt get a backup ran and now the Insight_v50_0_94153500 database shows suspect.

The event log shows Event ID 3. com.hp.mx.database.DBVerificationException

I have a backup from before the upgrade of the database. Can I restore the old database or were there to many changes made with 5.1 to the tables? Can I restore the old database and then install 5.1 again on top of itself?

Or, would it be better just to deinstall SIM all together and just start new again. I really dont have many custom items configured and could do another discovery.

What are my options here?
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Re: SIM 5.1 SQL DB shows suspect


Generally speaking a db marked suspect
can be marked for many reasons.

Generally it may fall into the following conditions
1) A database or log file is missing.
2) In SQL 6.x, a device may not be present or in 7.0/2000 a file may not exist.
3) SQL Server may not have been able to restore the database in ample time.
4) The database could be corrupt.
5) SQL Server does not have enough space to recover the database on startup.

Have you checked the above options via the SQL Log files

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Re: SIM 5.1 SQL DB shows suspect


To answer the other half of your question, if you have time and there is little to be lost in the reinstallation process perhaps this would be the best option. It depends on your situation.

Otherwise you can try and restore from a previous backup.