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Re: SIM 5.1SP1 CMS on PC?


SIM 5.1SP1 CMS on PC?

With SIM 5.1 SP1, can the CMS be installed on a PC or does it actually have to be a HP class server? I'd rather have it on a seperate machine if possible as opposed to a production server.

Thanks for any input.

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Re: SIM 5.1SP1 CMS on PC?

It can be installed on any computer that meets the specs. It can even be installed on a virtual server, so the underlying hardware is not too important.

Try it and see, performance may be an issue if you have a lot of devices to manage.
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Re: SIM 5.1SP1 CMS on PC?

Hardware Requirement:
Any HP ProLiant x86 system with the following configuration:
* Minimum: 1.5-GHz processor with 1 GB RAM
* 500 MB free disk space recommended
* Recommended: 2.4-GHz processor with 1.5 GB RAM
Note: If Microsoft SQL Server is installed on the CMS, an additional 500 MB of RAM should be installed.

Software needed :
MSDE 2000 with Service Pack 3a (bundled with HP Systems Insight Manager) or one of the
* Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Standard Edition with Service Pack 3 or Service Pack 4 (for Standard Server operating system)
* Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 3 or Service
Pack 4 (for "Advanced Server" operating system)
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 running on Windows Server 2003
Note: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is not
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1
* Oracle 9i Release 2
* Oracle 10g
* ProLiant Support Pack for Windows 6.30 or later
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 1
* Firefox 1.5

* Static or dynamic host name resolution

Operating Systems :
* Microsoft Windows Server(TM) 2003 R2
* Microsoft Windows 2003, Standard or Enterprise Edition, for x86 with Service
Pack 1 (running on x86 or x64/AMD64 platforms)
* Microsoft Windows 2003 SMB, with Service Pack 1
* Microsoft Windows 2003 for x64
* Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 4 for x86
* Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server with
Service Pack 4 for x86
* Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 for x86

HP SIM 5.1 can run on a Windows Virtual Machine (VM) provided the following requirements are met. The VM must be hosted on an ESX 3.0.1 or later server and the VM configuration must meet HP SIM hardware requirements and the CPU and Memory resources allocated to this VM must be always available
to this VM (by reserving CPU and Memory resources).

The Windows server must have at least one partition formatted for the NT File System (NTFS) on which the HP SIM server software is to be installed. NTFS provides the ability to restrict file access based on user accounts and groups. Without NTFS, the CMS cannot be adequately secured against unauthorized
access, and potentially sensitive operations and data could be made available to unauthorized users.

These are the MINIMUM system requirements.

I guess anything less, is a toss with performance !!


Re: SIM 5.1SP1 CMS on PC?

I'm going to try this on a ESX virtual machine instead of a PC...

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Re: SIM 5.1SP1 CMS on PC?

Remote Support Essentials, a free add-on for HP SIM, provides contract and warranty tracking with HP Services, advanced diagnosis and service dispatching. It requires installation on a physical ProLiant server and can't be installed on a virtual machine.

As far as HP SIM goes, yes, it operates in a virtual machine hosted on VMware ESX 3.x or later (ESX 2.x has significantly more I/O overhead). I would use the HP SIM Sizer ( --> Technical Support --> Sizer) to determine the configuration a physical host needs to be for your environment and then make sure you can provide a virtual machine with appropriate resources.

I additionally recommend dedicating a physical NIC for HP SIM's use.
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Re: SIM 5.1SP1 CMS on PC?


Sorry for using this thread but I still find it connected if I use this.

My question is: Is it required that CMS server MUST have an active HW entitlement (Maintenance or Warranty or SLA). Does HP Backend validates based from the serial number and SAID inputted during the enrollment and registration? Please take note that I dont have a plan to enroll my CMS server in HP SIM / IRS (if its possible).

Hope that someone can enlighten me on this.

thank you,

Joseph A.