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SIM 5.2 & Brocade SMI Agent

Fabrizio Maggioni_2
Super Advisor

SIM 5.2 & Brocade SMI Agent


I am working with SIM 5.2 update 2 and i need to manage BROCADE storage fiber switch.
I have installed SMI Provider (on different port) on the SIM Server.
SMI is working correctly.I am unable to discovery into SIM switch devices provided by SMI.

Is this configuration supported?
Where can i configure the new SMI Provider port to SIM?


Re: SIM 5.2 & Brocade SMI Agent

I dont use SMI on my switches only snmp.

You can try to specify the WBEM port and credentials under System protocol settings for your switch in SIM.

In SIM go to your switch, tools and links. System protocol settings.

Let me know how it goes, been wanting to try the smi providers just haven't had the time.
Fabrizio Maggioni_2
Super Advisor

Re: SIM 5.2 & Brocade SMI Agent


I know that i can manage my switch via snmp, but i prefer to use SMI Agent, because more information are providen.
Also configure wbem manually for each switchis not the best solution.

So i have installed SMI Agent on dedicate windows server and it works correctly.I would like to know if it is possible to configure SMI on the SIM management server.
The problem seems to be on wmi proxy mapper port, the desfult is 5989 and also SMI agent use it.If i change it on the SMI side, SIM does not communicate with SMI.

Do you have any suggestion?


Re: SIM 5.2 & Brocade SMI Agent

Try adding your port to this list on your SIM.
C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\config\identification\wbemportlist.xml
You probably still need to add the port and credential for wbem dicovery in sim, you add it for the server with the provider or global setting.

Based on this doc, i remembered researching this before but never needed to implement it so my answer is not baased on experience.

Hope it helps.
Good to know that it works from a dedicated system, thanks.
Fabrizio Maggioni_2
Super Advisor

Re: SIM 5.2 & Brocade SMI Agent

Thanks a lot!

I will try it tomorrow ...


Re: SIM 5.2 & Brocade SMI Agent

sorry to bump this old thread, but it was useful and I wanted to ask a question.

For anyone else who has successfully integrated the SMI agent for brocade into HP SIM, what version of the SMI agent are you using?

I can confirm that version 120.9.0 does not work. Webmdisco is able to enumerate through the entire namespace of root/brocade1 but it does not get detected by SIM as an SMIs provider, so SIM does not add the switches discovered through SMIs.

output of a system discovery task with the service installed:

Starting identification process...
Checking for known running web servers.
Checking for System Management Home Page and other HP web agents.
Received a response from the system management homepage on the SSL port, this system supports SMH.
Checking for WBEM support on system.
This system has WBEM protocol support
This system does not have any SMI-S CIMOM installed
This system has a server CIMOM installed
Running WBEM rules based identification.
Got ComputerSystem WBEM/WMI data from the system
Running VM Identification.
The system is not a VM Host, or WBEM credentials may not be specified, skipping VM Identification
Running WS-Man identification.
The system did not respond to WS-Management, verify credentials.
Checking for SNMP support on system.
The system responded to a SNMP request, it supports SNMP.
Running SNMP base Cluster identification using common cluster MIB.
This was not a system with the common cluster MIBs supported.
Running HP ProLiant management agent identification
System does not have the SNMP ProLiant Server (foundation) agents installed.
Running HP NetServer identification.
System supports the NetServer SNMP agent, adding system type
Running HP-UX SNMP identification.
System does not have the HPUX SNMP agents installed.
Running SNMP System Type Manager identification.
No matching SNMP System Type Manager rule was found.
Checking for DMI protocol support.
The system does not have Windows DMI support.
Running DMI System Type Manager identification.
The system does not have Windows DMI support.
Running HP-UX DMI identification.
The system does not have HP-UX DMI support.
Running HP/Compaq Desktop identification.
The system does not have Windows DMI support.
Running HP DMI Desktop identification.
The system does not have HP DMI Desktop support.
Running Generic DMI identification.
The system does not have Generic DMI support.
Running SSH Protocol identification.
The system supports SSH protocol
Running SSH Identification.
This system passed the ssh authentication; it has a valid ssh credential
OS Name is identified by other identifier; continue to run other commands
Running Storage identification.
Storage identification completed.
Running HP Service Guard Identification.
The system is not part of HP Service Guard cluster
Running SNMP Subtypes identification
No additional subtypes found from SNMP
Create bare-metal device nodes if OA is discovered with "Automatic Device discovery" option enabled.
Create bare-metal server node if ILO is discovered with "Automatic Server discovery" option enabled.
Running VM identification.
VMM Integration is not enabled, skipping VM Identification
Building system relationships.
Running limited data collection for common attribute.
The SSH is not configured on this system
SMH trust status is true.
Running node communication diagnosis
System identification done with this system.

Going to try the agent version 120.6.0a and see if that works as it is the listed version in the brocade_provider.pdf available here;

Software Compatibility HP recommends version 120.6.0 of the Brocade SMI Agent for use with HP SIM.