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SIM 5.2 contract and warranty

Occasional Contributor

SIM 5.2 contract and warranty

He everybody.

I've a cuestion about SIM, the situation is follow, We've got a SIM 5.2 Console based in linux. SIM has a feature that permit to Know all details about of warranty and contracts about our systems.

The SIM's contract and warranty feature is supported in SIM windows version only.

Is it possible cohexist 2 SIM consoles (Linux and windows)in the same lan to have information about it and having all functionalies of linux SIM ?

I look forward to hearing from all.

Honored Contributor

Re: SIM 5.2 contract and warranty

We have several instances of SIM running (all Windows)and it does not seem to cause a problem. We have a master that I support, but a few of my co-workers located in a different state also wanted to setup one. There is overlap in the devices that are managed on them. The contract stuff in on the server I support and not on the others.

I would assume a Windows and Linux combination would work similarly.

Darrin Rawls
Respected Contributor

Re: SIM 5.2 contract and warranty

You bet, no issues. Each system would have to have the different SIM servers as trap destinations (if you want) and the community string has to be known by both of course. You can use the Configure Repair Agents task on each SIM server to set the configuration (certifications, community string, etc.); they are 'additive'.