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SIM 5.3 Discovery for 1000+ subnets


SIM 5.3 Discovery for 1000+ subnets

Running SIM 5.3 w/4200 nodes

I'm searching for the best method to discover nodes on 20+ domains and 1000ish subnets which will omit the need for manual server changes in SIM. We want to be able to trust the server/IP's are up to date and valid in SIM.

I've installed the AD discovery tool and it works great. Problem is our AD OU's are a mess and need some serious attention which is why I can't rely on AD. I've run into several servers which were imported where the names are no longer valid, etc..

Searching 1000+ subnets would make me a fast enemy of the network team. Our IP ranges are all over the place and trying to dump each into a discovery task is a nightmare.

I used host files to build SIM. However, the host files would not contain any changes with the server names, IPs, etc...

I only want to discover servers that are online and reachable. The AD discovery seems to import everything in the OU's I specify regardless if the nodes are online or not.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this scenario?

mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: SIM 5.3 Discovery for 1000+ subnets

I'm in the same boat I have over 4200 devices in insight manager.

One of the things that I've done in the past is do individual subnets for discovery (usually class c) and run them in groups once at night so that it doesnt' impact anything.
(I do this when I re-build sim every time)

once this is done I rely on the devices sending a snmp trap and then letting sim do the work when it gets the trap (set it to discover when it receives a trap)

I've never heard of the ad discovery thing is that a plugin?