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SIM 5.3, VMM Reconfiguration? Help needed

Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

SIM 5.3, VMM Reconfiguration? Help needed

OK so I installed SIM 5.3 and it sure seems like just about all the VMM functionality is gone and needs to be reconfigured?

I started getting lots of VMM/LSA errors. Apparently virtual center wasn't configured. I reconfigured that.

Still no communication with VMWare ESX hosts. I think I read somewhere during the install that vmm agents needed to be redeployed? I set the agent to reinstall on one of the hosts. This was successful.

Still no luck. It says no license has been deployed. I check License Manager, and none of my previously deployed licenses are deployed.
Before I redeploy my licenses, does this sound right? What happened?

Also strangely the VMM and LSA services under windows are set to automatic but I guess having trouble starting up.

As a side note, the new install sure seems to be a resource hog. I was running 5.2.2 on my BL20p G4, but it sure seems like >4gb ram and more processing power could help.

Anyway.. has anyone reconfigured vmm after the upgrade to 5.3? What's the full process needed?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM 5.3, VMM Reconfiguration? Help needed

You really can't upgrade just one component--software releases are synchronized. You need to download the Insight Software DVD to perform your upgrade to get the correct version of VMM needed for your new HP SIM.
Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

Re: SIM 5.3, VMM Reconfiguration? Help needed

David, I don't think I implies that I upgraded just 1 component.

I updated the entire suite.
I went from ICE 2.35 to 3.0, which upgraded the componnents.

In doing so, it broke the VMM configuration. It said it would do this.

So let me cliarify, I installed SIM 5.3 (and all it's updated functionality, as a result of the ICE 3.0 upgrade).

Now I'm getting the errors.. etc...
Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

Re: SIM 5.3, VMM Reconfiguration? Help needed

Still showing that the 3 licenses I had deployed previously are still undeployed.
I presume at this time I should just re-deploy and reconfigure the whole thing...

anyone else have this issue?