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SIM 5 not getting system info from clients

Adam Mac
Occasional Visitor

SIM 5 not getting system info from clients

I have just installed SIM 5 SP5 on a WIndows 2000 Server box.

Our environment contains about 300 HP systems (desktops and laptops). Of the 300 we have about 70 systems that show up with a proper 'System type' and 'Product Information', the majority of them report only the Unknown or Unmanaged for system type.

I have tried loading the Insight Manager Client on the systems (5.01), as well as trying to enable the SNMP in Windows. I have also try manually adding system and letting the SIM do automatic discovery. I have also tried to retrieve the system info from the 'Identify System' that does not seem to retrieve S/N or system Info form these systems

I have the SIM System setup to use the Global Discovery opions:
Ping Settings using TCP Port 80

Enabled: Default WBEM settings
with Administrator usernames and password for the clients.
SNMP and DMI are both enabled.

Is there a configuration that I am missing to retrieve the System information?

Any help would be great.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM 5 not getting system info from clients

HPSIM should be able to identify just using SNMP. So I'd start with that if you already have it installed on the clients.
You can just use the default public and private community names.
On the client check that SNMP is installed and running and in the settings tab check that the the HPSIM Server is an allowed host as well as Localhost.
Adam Mac
Occasional Visitor

Re: SIM 5 not getting system info from clients

I am still getting unknown for some of the workstations

I have 3 clients I am currently testing this on. All are HP dc7600 systems

The workstation have the SNMP installed and default settings working with the HP SIM client 5.01d. The two system on runing the discovery come up with Unknown, even when I delete them from the 'All Systems' list and re-run the discovery. On the third system after installing the SNMP the system info was found.

I have removed the SIM Client from the working system, and re-run the discovery. It had come up as unmanaged. I then ran the Identify System on the system, and it still comes up as unmanaged. If I install the SIM Client the system info is then repopulated.

Adam Goaley
Occasional Visitor

Re: SIM 5 not getting system info from clients

I had a similar problem and found that tweaking the SNMP & Agent Settings on the security tab in the SMH for the troublesome server solves this issue.