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Re: SIM 6.2 and ICE

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SIM 6.2 and ICE

We are running a CMS server with SIM 6.2. When we make our server purchase, each server will come with Insight Control already installed. How do I add this to SIM as a plugin? Is it an additional install? I do not have an ICE DVD as I downloaded SIM.
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Re: SIM 6.2 and ICE

You can download the Insight Software DVD set from

The Insight Software 6.2 DVD I will recognize
the HP SIM 6.2 and tells you if you have missing prerequisite's for Insight Control or Insight Dynamic. You can set filters if you only want to check what is missing for insight control.
Insight Control is indeed a bunch of plug-ins for SIM. Perhaps you do not want to install all parts of it. The Insight Software DVD gives you a good tool to chose the right parts.
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Re: SIM 6.2 and ICE

See response.