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SIM 6 interface shows white 'i' icons in SW column

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SIM 6 interface shows white 'i' icons in SW column

I have a SIM 6 CMS managing Win2003 sp2 DL and BL servers. I have snmp configured on the managed servers.

I can do a manual software poll on the servers and the appropriate icon will display in the SW column but if I leave it for a few days the icon will turn into the white 'i'. Clicking on the 'i' gives 'error communicating with Version Control Agent'. A software poll will usually bring the appropriate icon back so the CMS seems to be talking to the version control agent ok. Don't want to have to do manual software polling on a hundred servers.

Because of change control issues I have various versions of agents on the clients. Older agents (2.x) actually seem more stable than newer ones (6.x).

I've checked my snmp settings and they seem fine.