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SIM 7.2 IRSA A 5.70 (Windows CMS) -- WBEM alone OK? ports/firewall..

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SIM 7.2 IRSA A 5.70 (Windows CMS) -- WBEM alone OK? ports/firewall..



We are working the kinks out of our SIM 7.2 installation (Windows install).  We have a large enterprise -- currently we have discovered 1732 in "All Systems" and 795 in "All Servers".    We do not have any periodic discoveries set up yet; we have made initial discoveries by subnet and have disabled them except when we need to delete/re-add a managed node to SIM when we run a manual discovery.


We are currently focusing to monitor/manage only physical ProLiant servers running Windows OS however I want to keep Linux on ProLiant servers and HP blades in mind.


Our IRSA is not compatible with SIM 7.2 -- we need to upgrade it soon to 5.08.  This may explain why our HP service events are "chatty" and not always working.


We have been told we do not need SNMP however it appears we may need it to identify/manage ProLiant Clusters and external SmartArray enclosures (DASs, MSAs) and possibly other things.     I can click on a cluster name (the logical cluster name) and SIM times out with an error dialog indicating WBEM alone will not work for clusters.   


Our SMH on the target nodes are set to use WBEM (this is by design).   In not all instances do we have the Insight Management agent however we do have the WBEM Agent -- I believe the SNMP components are in the Insight Management Agent isn't this correct?   We do have SNMP installed on our managed servers pointing to the SIM server.


Will we be able to correctly identify and configure/manage clusters (and storage) if we are using WBEM alone?  I believe we have the ports open on the firewall for SNMP however I am not sure these what else we need to configure on the managed server as it relates to clusters in SIM.


I'm looking for a process or tool and/or documentation to confirm the ports needed by SIM/IRSA are open (and with the correct direction) as specified in "Insight Control Server Requirements" and "SIM/IRSA Server Requirements" documents -- however starting with the most fundamental ports (WBEM), I cannot find any process listening on a managed server on these ports:


SIM server                                         Target server


MySIM  -------------------------->TCP/5988



Thanks for any/all ideas.  


I suspect we may see port activity on WBEM ports above if we deleted a server from SIM and re-discovered it, enabling WBEM monitoring in SIM; however, I am wondering if the WMI port mapper component has been installed working around the need for these specific WBEM ports.


Thank you