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SIM 7.4 Command line discovery configuration

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SIM 7.4 Command line discovery configuration


We are trying to program a custom in-site application to remove our servers cleanly from a number of monitoring & control systems.

One of them is HP SIM, which monitors certain part of our infrastructure.

I have seen that using the cmd tools (mxnode) a node can be deleted from the SIM server, and we have sucessfully tested it.

However, the server is still available at the discovery section:

We tried toying around some of the commands but we ar elost on how to do this...

Any help will be appreciated.





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Re: SIM 7.4 Command line discovery configuration

Was the server deleted ? If you look at the server when it reapears and you look at the events do you see a discovery event?

Could be that a discovery was run sheduled or not.

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