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Re: SIM Install Issues


SIM Install Issues

I am trying to install SIM on a Server 2008 x64 Box with a SQL 2008 Backend and am having issues following the reboot.

After SIM has rebooted, I log in as the Insight service account with the console or admin switch as instructed. The installer does not start again and then when i try and manually run the installer i get the following error.

"You must logon as in order to proceed with the HP Insight Software Installation"

However i am logged on as that user.... I can't get any further with the install now....

What on earth is going on. This is the latest april release of the DVD and is fully compatible with 2008.

Sim having been installed Runs and other bits and pieces run but i need the rest of the suite installed....

Re: SIM Install Issues

Prior to reboot the installed tries to write the following

[Fri May 8 16:13:32 UTC+0100 2009] HPIC Install: WriteRunOnceKey()
[Fri May 8 16:13:32 UTC+0100 2009] HPIC Install: Setting [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\BSMSInstaller] reboot registry to ["C:\HPIC\temp\setup.exe" --root "Z:\hpic\setup.exe" --user "" --volume "ISDVD310" --fileversion "" --postreboot]

However this did not write, so i had to run the following, once run the install continued sucessfully...

"C:\HPIC\temp\setup.exe" --root "Z:\hpic\setup.exe" --u
ser "" --volume "ISDVD310" --fileversion "" --