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SIM Install Issues

Bob Pace
Occasional Advisor

SIM Install Issues

This is a post I received from on of my customers any suggestions would be appreciated
Hi, Bob.

Yes, the server was installed with the SmartStart CD - v7.40 I think.
I uninstalled and re-installed SIM today. I also uninstalled Version Control Repository, System Management Homepage, and Proliant Virtualization Management.

The reinstall was successful until I got to the Virtualization stage and it sat there with a Setup box on the task bar (no window) for about 20 minutes. The manual indicates I should see a SIM Setup Check window. but it doesn't appear. The installation window had a failed to initialize message. When I try to start the SIM icon on the desktop, I get a Systems Insight Manager Check Service window with "The HP Systems Insight Manager Service is not installed."

When I put "https://localhost:2381" in the URL, I get the systems management homepage for the local server. The documentation indicates I need to use http://localhost:280 to get to the SIM page. That (and https) always gives me "not available".

The SIM service has been running for about an hour now and I have 152 processes running on the server. About half of them are mxinventory.exe, around 24MB each and no cpu after their initial start. The application event log shows a SIM start, mxdomainmgr.exe restart, and restart successful messages about every 50 seconds. There's five successful SQL logons for the SIM service logon ID in between each of those. The restarts appear to be the cause of the mxinventory tasks.

Is there an HP support number for SIM? Since it's provided with the server, I didn't know if it would be software support or hardware support.

Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SIM Install Issues

Hi, What hardware is SIM installed on?
Check specs to see if it meets requirement.

What version of SIM is being installed?
SIM 5 SP4 is the latest.
Im not sure since I have not installed Proliant Virtualization Management (VMM) but it is IIS dependent. Someone who knows for sure could correct me on this.

Probably this failure in installation triggers a SIM unsuccesfull install.

you could try and access from web browser by

Bob Pace
Occasional Advisor

Re: SIM Install Issues

Follow up from customer
This is the second time I've installed the latest, v5.0, of HP SIM. It's running on an HP DL580G3 with Win2003 standard, MS SQL 2000 and 4GB memory.
When I launch I.E. and put in the URL - http://localhost:280, I get "Page cannot be displayed". Is IIS supposed to be installed on the server? I didn't find that in any of the documentation.
We use a proxy but I don't think there should be any limitations for this localhost page. I've also tried https://localhost:280.