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SIM Linux 5.3

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SIM Linux 5.3

Hey guys.

Does the Linux version of SIM have the same features and functionality as the Windows version?

Could a Linux Version of SIM be used to effectively manage / monitor a Linux and VMware ESX environment?

We have mostly RHEL5 servers, Service Guard for Linux, some SLES 9/10/11 and VMware ESX 2.5/3.5 all with PSP agents.

Version control agent and ssh work? etc.

Would it buy us anything over using the Windows version?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM Linux 5.3

The biggest consideration is whether or not you want to use the Remote Support Pack for the Contract/Warranty reporting and the phone home features. That is only available on Windows. At this time, the Version Control Repository Manager is only available for hosting on Windows as well.

Re: SIM Linux 5.3

So no ISEE in the Linux version?