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SIM Network Name

Tom Ridges

SIM Network Name


Within the SIM console, auto discovery has found the blades when discovering the ILO chip, the name and the network ID is:

svr_serial number

If i change the preferred name to its host-name for connecting to SMH, despite system link configurations set to use system name, it still connects using network name.

Within ILO, the system name is correct, and the product id is the serial number, so i'm not quite sure why it is populating the system name with the product ID and not the name?!

This means i have to have 2 systems listed for 1 (1 auto discovered from ILO & 1 autodisovered by IP that CAN see HPSM)

This also means my rack info is not being shown.

within ILO all the rack information is correct. I have upgraded ILO.

How can I:
a) change the network name (or how SIM collect it)
b) ensure rack/enclosure information is pulled into SIM correctly

SMH version is

If anybody can shed some light on the situation, that would be great.

Tom Ridges

Re: SIM Network Name