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SIM On IPF System...

Edwardo R. Loza
Occasional Visitor

SIM On IPF System...

I am working a call where I need to download the IA-64 bits for SIM to duplicate a symptom. Any ideas where to find these? I have checked the standard HP SIM site, but all I can see is IA-32 and X64, no IA-64 references.

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM On IPF System...

as far as I know, HP SIM (the CMS) runs on any HP IA-32 system for windows and Linux. It is also supported on PA-risc or integrity when running HP_UX operating system.
As a managed node,see here:

For HP-UX:

Any HP PA-RISC system

Any HP Itanium®-based system

For Windows:

Any HP x86 system

For Linux:

Any HP x86 system

Any HP Itanium-based system

HP SIM only supports running on Integrity server running HP-UX. It can be downloaded here :


frederic passeron

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