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Re: SIM Server Blue Screening & A Few Other Issues

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SIM Server Blue Screening & A Few Other Issues

Hi all,

I'm just having a few issues with my SIM server after recently upgrading to 5.3 SP1.
The server is a BL465 G5 with Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

First and most important thing is the server has been blue screening lately. Please see the attached screenshot fo the stop errors. This may be driver or unrelated to SIM, but I thought I would post it anyway.

Next is the Remote Support Client. I'm not too familiar with it's exact workings, but I just installed it when I installed SIM. I don't really want/need all of it's features, the main thing I want is the Contract and Warranty information that we get feeded into our servers in SIM, so we can check our warranty for our hardware. I know that iSEE might have something to do with that. But the problem is whenever the server is rebooted, the HP Remote Support Client service is hanging on start.

The HP Remote Support Client service hung on starting.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

The other thing which may be related to the remote support manager is the spamming event logs from ISEE_CMS_SWMAGENT

Tuner launcher exiting with value=0 errorString=No Error
The Tuner minimized its memory footprint.

Every few minutes we get heaps of these messages, anyway to turn them off or disable this?

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Re: SIM Server Blue Screening & A Few Other Issues

I don't know of any issues that would cause HPSIM to blue screen a server. I've not seen similar in these forums.

You might want to look at what else is on the server. I've only got HPSIM on ours as that seems to make it busy enough.

There does seem to be something broken with the installation. You may want to consider pulling out RSP and re-installing it.

Where did this HP SIM install start from. Was it originally an HPSIM 5.3 install or has it gone through a few updates?
I started with a clean HP SIM 5.3 install as there seemed to be quite a few changes on this one. We had to move all of our ISEE stuff around to make use RSP as the old ISEE is now no longer available. So we needed RSP. Not sure if it can be ripped out without affecting other HPSIM components.
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Re: SIM Server Blue Screening & A Few Other Issues

Thanks for the response Rob.

Yeah the server is only being used as the HP SIM server also, it's a fairly new build that I migrated from our old server.

When I did the new install, I installed 5.1 as that was the latest version at the time. I then did the upgrade to 5.3 and then recently 5.3 SP1, but it has BSOD'd about once a week since getting on 5.3 . I think it must be the RSP, but it's not good that the Remote Support Client service hangs on startup every time.

I'm tempted just to rip out and uninstall anything that says RSP or iSEE and then reinstall.

But the end goal is all I want is Contract and Warranty data collection to be enabled, so whatever service or SIM addin that I need to get that going would be much appreciated if you knew which component it was. I don't want the automated support calls to HP and the RSP Manager does not give me any use.

If you could advise that would be great.
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Re: SIM Server Blue Screening & A Few Other Issues

I wish I could answer clearly. But I'm still figuring out what some of the components do myself.
I've got an issue where servers are not appearing in the Entitlements side of the Remote Support Config & Services section. I've no idea how to refresh that.

All the docs say is that there are a whole lot of components that are installed as part of this.
You should have access to the Remote Support Services Manager (a separate Icon on the HPSIM Server desktop.
You can remove and reinstall many of the components from there. It's also used to upgrade HPSIM and other components. Although mine is telling me that I need to install the Hotfix, which I've already done.