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SIM + Storage Essential - machine ID


SIM + Storage Essential - machine ID

Is it possible to run SIM + SE on virtual servers (VMware)?
To register Storage Essential license I need "machine ID"
in manual I have:
"When the installation is complete, you are shown the directory containing the management
server and the machine ID, which is used by technical support for licenses.
You do not need to write down the machine ID. You can obtain it easily from the management
server (Security > Licenses).

But in my SIM there is no such a option (Security > Licenses)
OS Windows 2003
SIM 5.0 with SP4
build C.

HP Performance Management Pack 4.0.1
Server Migration Pack 2.0.1
Virtual Machine Management Pack 2.0.1
Blade System Integrated Manager 2.0.2
Storage Essential 5.0.1

What I am doing wrong???
TareQ Geme'e
Occasional Visitor

Re: SIM + Storage Essential - machine ID

You have to install the SIM Connector.

you will find this software on the SE Manament CD

and you have to restart the server after installtion.