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SIM Thinks that SMH is Not Installed During Discovery

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SIM Thinks that SMH is Not Installed During Discovery


I have a ProLiant DL380 G7 Server running Windows Server 2012 that when discovered by SIM 7.3 has the following issue:


Minor: System Management Homepage (SMH) is not installed or is not responding on the system(s).



On the server, SMH is installed with the newest version and has the cert for SIM as a trusted management server. I have tried to restart the SMH service, reinstall the SMH, and reboot the server all with no change to the discovery. As far as I know there are no firewall issues as the neccesary ports are open like our other servers and there is no issues reported in the logs.


I am currently out of ideas so any thoughts are appreciated,


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Re: SIM Thinks that SMH is Not Installed During Discovery

Hello there,

When you are logged on with rep or local console can you connect to the remote server you want to discover.
The url should be https://machinename:2381. If you look at the SIM server itself, can you discover the System Management Homepage of the server itself?

This is the port the discovery uses during discovery. Also check the System Management Homepage to see if all looks ok. Do you see the type of server and other things like array controller and ILO?
Kind regards,