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SIM agents but no CMS

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Chris Bartram
Respected Contributor

SIM agents but no CMS

Can we install/configure SIM agents on various HP servers (including blade servers) such that they ONLY send SNMP traps off to our existing (non CMS) management server? In particular hoping to do this without having to install the HP CMS somewhere.

Can we also get the blade chassis to send us SNMP traps to our existing server (without having to install HP CMS or other proxy/server)?

Finally if all we're trying to do is get the managed servers to send us SNMP traps, do we need to install the HBA providers for SMI-S? (Do they even provide anything when not using WBEM and/or the HP CMS?)

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Thanks in advance!
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Re: SIM agents but no CMS

trap will get forwarded to the server address you set in snmpd(linux)| snmp/trap service(windows)

for blade chasis you need to set that destination in OA.