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SIM and CV7 on the same server

John Dunne
Occasional Contributor

SIM and CV7 on the same server

Is anyone aware of any issues with SIM and Command View EVA v7 running on the same server. We have the two installed on the same server a dual core BL460C blade with 4Gb of RAM. When the two services are running there are occaisions when Command View unexpectedly terminates.

Previously we had an issue whereby CV would not start if the SIM service was running. The two now seem to run but we seem to get the problem with Command view. There is nothing in the logs to indicate a definite conflict, just a suspicion.

If CV terminates unexpectedly then our cluster will not failover, since our second CV server does not automatically take control.

We also have RDP on this server, which is also not working due to VLAN / DHCP relay issues and is not currently running.

Has anyone had any similar experiences.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM and CV7 on the same server

It's not supported.
Last time I tested with HPSIM and CV6 it broke HPSIM completely.

Re: SIM and CV7 on the same server

Today I removed CV6 from a server with HPSIM\RSP. If you combine those two products, enttilment is not possible.
So dont combine HPSIM with CV7 or CV6.
Tjebbe Wiersma
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