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SIM and OVOW Integration problem

Valued Contributor

SIM and OVOW Integration problem


I've installed HP SIM 5.0 SP5 and OVOW on one computer (Windows 2003), then installed SIM Agent on Unix-based ESX3 server to monitor VM's status.
Then I turned vmware01 (one of VM's) off and on. The message in SIM appeared as this:
Cleared System is unreachable vmware01 1/4/07 12:18 PM
Not cleared System is reachable vmware01 1/4/07 12:48 PM
This is ok. But no information was shown in the OVOW console.

All SNMP traps were deployed to the machine. Moreover, I can't create SNMP server type, as the machine is already configured as Windows 2003 OS system in the OVOW -> Nodes -> Add Node

The next thing is: How to create certificate for SIM? When I'm launching the Certificate Tool on my management server it says:
Error: No vaild certificate for WOLA-TEST.
Please execute the Get Certificate tool first or make sure the selected node is
a HP System Insight Manager server
Press enter to continue...

We're trying to enable good communication between SIM and OVOW but no luck :(