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SIM auto discovery locking up managed server

J Dunsmore
Occasional Visitor

SIM auto discovery locking up managed server


I recently upgraded all the PSP components/firmware etc on all of our servers via Version Control. All seemed well until i noticed yesterday when the SIM was doing its auto-discovery one specific server (win2k running SQL) out of about 30 servers totally stopped responding and had to be powered down. This has happened for the last two days.. at exactly the same time.. The server aint doing its backup or running any scheduled tasks.
The SIM server at that time was running high utilisation on mxdomainmgr and cpqsrhmo.

Normally i would assume that it has been a bad install of the PSP software (possibly VC), or possibly something to do with SMTP etc but i would another opinion before i uninstall everything and start again.

Any help would be appreciated.