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SIM discover "wrong" machine names

Massimo Sironi
Occasional Contributor

SIM discover "wrong" machine names

Hi All,

I've just installed SIM (5.0 SP5) for the first time.
After the initial discovery process it detect the machine on the network, with the correct hostname and system type "Unknown"; after I configure Agent, install SSH, ecc... and all is OK.

I've many blade (BL20 G3 and BL35 G1), during the discovery it detect also ILO and related servers with wrong name (in the format Serv_SerialNumber).

For some machine I've a duplicated entry:
- 1 with correct name and system type "Unknown";
- 1 with wrong Serv_XXXXX name.

The first question is... Why??

After SIM installation I've finisced the system configuration (name, IP, domaion....) of 2 BL35. These machine are not discovered this the correct hostname.
If I try to deply OpenSSH, the tash fail because of "Serv_XXXX" in an invalid parameters and if I try "Configure or Repair Agent" fail because of "Error when trying to establish SSH connection".

I've tried also to delete this hosts (with related ILO) and re-run discovery but are alwais discovered with the Server_XXX name.

SIM installation is on Windows 2003 SP1 and all nodes are also W2K3 Sp1 with PSP 7.51.


Thanks a lot.

Regular Advisor

Re: SIM discover "wrong" machine names

Hi Massimo,
probably SIM has not collected all the information needed.
Try to select the systems from tab "system" of Virtualization Manager.
Then run Options-->Identify System.
If you still have problem, wait some minuts even if the task is marked as Complete.

Hope this can help

Greg Bates

Re: SIM discover "wrong" machine names

In our environment, I have SIM set to add servers when the Management processor is discovered. SIM adds the server as serv_%serialnumber%.

When a server is discovered that does not report all the information, aka unknown, it is usually a problem with SNMP settings.

I would check the SNMP settings to make sure that they are sending traps and talking to the SIM server. Also make sure that the WBEM accounts have proper access on the server.

Then delete both the server and the Serv_ and manually discover the server using the correct name. Hopefully this will import the correct information.