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Re: SIM hardware reporting

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SIM hardware reporting

Apologies for what will probably seem a very simple question to the experts here!

I am wanting to know how to generate a one-off custom batch report that could report back on anything in a server that could hold information. Basically anything non-volatile that could hold any info.

So, is this possible? How could I go about starting this off?

Thanks very much
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Re: SIM hardware reporting

Hello Mark,

First my apologies, that I couldn't get your requirement/need.

Can you please explain it in brief that what do you need. And what is the SIM version that you are using.

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Re: SIM hardware reporting

Hi there,

Well in terms of reporting HP SIM offers a lot using the web UI and the report menu.

The report you may be interested in is probably the following : Inventory - Servers

Now if you are looking for a custom batch report :
you should have a look at the following cli command : mxreport.

mxreport -e existing-report-name [-n] [-S existing-system-collection-
name-or-comma-separated-nodes-list-when-uses-with-option-(n)] [-E
existing-event-collection-name] [-x HTML|XML|CSV] [-o fully-qualified-
basically you execute a report against a given list of system(collection : one or several systems). The output can be html, xml or csv. And you need to provide the path to the output. The command can obnly be run on the CMS. It can also be integrated back to HP SIM as a custom tool that could run periodically.

more details on the different defaults reports available in HP SIM here :

pages 53 onward

hope it helps.

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Re: SIM hardware reporting

Thanks for the replies..


The server has HP Insight diagnostics version 7.7.02112A Dec 8 2006

Basically we are trying to find out if any hardware other than Hard Disks could contain any information once removed?
If so could this information also be retrieved, this would cover many different HP models within our company estate.

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Re: SIM hardware reporting

Hello again, can anyone help me with this query?