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SIM incorrectly reports System Name of some VMs

Tobin Marchbanks
Occasional Advisor

SIM incorrectly reports System Name of some VMs

I am running a new installation of System Insight Manager, ver 5.3.

I have loaded the CIM agents on all of our vSphere 4 ESX servers and ran a discovery.

The majority of the VMs were discovered correctly and are listed successfully in the All Servers list.

A few, ~3% to 4%, are not. Their System Name is listed like such...

~HQ:AMS:SATA:04-05-- hq-splunk-02-hq-splunk-02

Let me breakdown what this information is:

HQ:AMS:SATA:04-05- = ESX Datastore (actual name is: HQ:AMS:SATA:04<05>
hq-splunk-02 = Hostname

Another variation to the misnaming is...


No other information just those numbers.

The Systems that are mis-named like the ones above do not have any other information such as IP, Product Name. The ones mis-named like below do.

I also have some Systems, ~10%, listed with the following name convention, also VMs...


esx08 = ESX Host
hq_fs-01 = Hostname

The machines that are mis-named are of different OS'es, most have VM Tools installed, and are on different ESX hosts.

I have deleted them and done a re-discovery of the ESX hosts Subnet, with the same results.

Any thoughts?