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SIM installation problem

Steve Heninghem
Occasional Visitor

SIM installation problem


I am trying to install SIM onto a SBS2003 Premium server running SQL Server 2000.

The whole setup has few changes from the default setup as it serves a small business with less than 10 employees.

I have tried to install SIM using the typical installation but it stalls at trying to connect to SqlServer/SBSMonitoring stating it is unable to connect. The user it is trying to connect as is a member of the Domain Admins and Administrators groups and has permission to act as the owner in SQL.
I haven't changed any defaults so I suppose the port number is correct. The only thing I can see is that it is looking for SBSMonitoring in the Master database but I cannot find any mention of SBSMonitoring in SQL Enterprise Manager.
SBNSMonitoring is running as a service and providing monitoring under SBS as it should.

Any ideas will be appreciated, please.

Kind regards